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Help! I am a dolt. Why won't my smart-phone (Ipaq HW6915) sync with Windows Mobile Device Center?

I haven't synced this device on this computer before and when I put it in the cradle, I hear the thuh-thump sound of the external device being recognized, but Windows Mobile Device Center doesn't see it there. Even under MY COMPUTER I can't see it listed. What's happening?

I'm using VISTA, btw.

I really appreciate it guys - probably something insanely obvious that I've overlooked and I've so far wasted an hour before it occurred to me that someone out there may know something...
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Is your phone supposed to work with Windows Mobile Device Center or is there an IPaq specific software that you're supposed to use?

I'd recommend popping the CD that came with it into your computer and going from there.
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No, there's no driver. Yes, it's supposed to work with the Windows Mobile Device Center...
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This page has Sync troubleshooting processes for your device.
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Firewall issue? I had similar issues under XP with ZoneAlarm (the buh-duh! noise was there, it looked like it was trying to connect, but there was no indication anything was going on under the hood). I disabled the firewall and it worked like a champ.
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