Blogs about remodeling?
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Good blogs about house remodeling?

I might be remodeling my house soon (with a contractor, not DIY'ing it), and would like to read some good blogs about the process. I want to learn from other people's mistakes, get advice about picking out bathroom fans, see how other people set up their temporary kitchens, that sort of stuff.

Any suggestions for informative, well-written blogs about remodeling or construction? Especially appreciated: photos, humor, avoidance of Country Goose aesthetics.
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MeFite john m runs an awesome blog about remodeling an old house.
posted by junkbox at 12:38 PM on April 9, 2008 has an assortment of home improvement blogs.
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One of my favorites is Making It Lovely by designer Nicole Balch, who bought an Oak Park, IL bungalow awhile back and has documented the entire renovation from the get go. Plenty of really great pictures and fantastic mid-century modern style, if you're into that sort of thing.
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I'm a regular reader of - the author is a mefite, I'm just not sure which one.

I found the Enon Hall restoration journal to be an interesting read as well - it chronicles almost ten years of renovations of an ancient family home.

For an askme like forum, I'm big on the Mike Holmes fan forums - well moderated, lots of professionals in the field offering up advice.
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Davey-darling, you are too kind. Especially since I've been such a slacker blogger of late.

John M, Nicole, Enon Hall and I are all members of (Full disclosure, that is a community that I started with my husband, who is another Mefite.)

Since you are in Seattle, you might check out the houseblogs of some Pacific Northwest bloggers. I'm a big fan of Pigeon Point Project in Seattle.

Housebloggers tend to be a very friendly, helpful group--much like Mefites. They can provide advice, support and recommendations which are local to your area. I'll be scheduling a meetup for some Chicago housebloggers in the next couple of months and I think some Pacific NW housebloggers keep in touch.

I enjoy Breaktime forums from Fine Homebuilding, Mike Holmes forums, Old House Web and Charles and Hudson. Their content has integrity and the participants generally know their stuff.

Enjoy your house. Send a MeMail if you have specific questions.
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There's always Home Elegance.
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Agreed, doorsixteen is most awesome. Also popular for the criteria that you cited:

Petch House
House Made <> Chicago 2-Flat
Parkview Haus
Emery Restoration
Renovate KC
Becoming Home
Westview Bungalow
North 54th

Okay, well, there are a lot of good ones. Those are just off of the top of my head.
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