I want Internet Explorer to remember how far down I scrolled
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Webbrowsing/Internet Explorer 6 Filter: When reading a long webpage(usually several screen lengths), I often click on a link that's part way down. IE goes to that webpage in the same window(as it should). However, when I click back, I often find that I am at the top of the first page. I'm pretty sure it always used to scroll down to where I was before I clicked on the link. Now it only does that sometimes. I know this is minor, but it bugs me sometimes. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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I'm not a developer but I believe you are referring to code that is missing from certain sites not remembering where you jumped off from.
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I agree with doorsfan that this is an issue with certain websites and not your browser. I just tried it now using Firefox and Google took me back to the same place and Epicurious did not. However, I've never run into this problem since I use Firefox and just open links in new tabs. So that's my advice to you: install Firefox and open new links in new tabs. It makes web browsing so much more fun.
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Firefox seems to do that when I go back to the first page before the second is done loading.

Have you noticed any pattern as to when it will forget where you started from? Are they all the same sites?
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I just tried it now using Firefox and Google took me back to the same place and Epicurious did not
I just tried epicurious and it worked fine for me, using firefox I've never noticed any site that didn't do it (assuming you're patient enough to wait for the page to finish loading) I also tried IE7 and it did it fine too.
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I think missmagenta might have it. Are you sure the page has completely loaded? It won't "jump" until it's done.
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Response by poster: that might be it... I'll do a couple tests to see. I thought it was something more than that(a change to IE in an upgrade), because it's only recently where I've seen this problem. I'll try and watch out for that.
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Upgrade to IE7 and use tabs.
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