Why is our water white?
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Why does the water from our kitchen sink come out white? It appears to be thousands of tiny air bubbles and they eventually clear up a few minutes after I pour a glass of water. But what causes this? I'm assuming its safe to drink because its just air (and this is what I tell all our weirded out guests) but really...why?
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First google result for "white tap water"= this
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I have not noticed any effects like this from an aerator, but you may have an aerator in the tap in kitchen sink, and you may play around with that to make your water come out clearer. To remove it, just unscrew the faucet end and pull it out.
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FWIW, most municipalities are now requiring aerators in new construction....as it gives you pressure + water for significantly less total water usage.
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Tiny air bubbles. Put an aerator on the end of the spout. That puts lots of big air bubbles in the water, which merge with the tiny little bubbles already present, and as soon as they all reach the surface, the water is crystal-clear.
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If you put the white water into a glass it clarifies itself in a minute or two? Then it's just air that was dissolved in the water when it went into the pipes, and rose to the pipes just inside your spout. Run the water for a few seconds before using it.
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