We have boxes.
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East Bay, Californiafilter: so, we have these cardboard boxes. We need them to go away forever.

Like, 450 15"x15"x10" and 390 26"x15"x7" boxes. They live in a storage facility in Oakland.

We need to get rid of them and preferably make some money off of our ancient box-buying folly in the process. We have limited transportation, so if your proposed box-wanting agents would actually come and get them, even better!

Any ideas? A creative reuse center that will schlep them for us? Other non-profits that haven't yet made that first big step towards owning their own end-times cardboard supply? A disgraced moving company that can't go through routine channels for their boxes? What do you know?
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Craiglist and/or freecycle.
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Best answer: Contact food banks or other social services who could use extra boxes to help with their logistical management. I used to be a food bank co-ordinator - we were always in dire need of more boxes.
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Best answer: Seconding Craigslist, Freecycle, & The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use.

You could also call the Berkeley Ecology Center and ask them.
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Response by poster: We've definitely tried Craigslist in the past...

As far as I can tell, the Creative Re-Use people don't pick anything up, right?

We were really hoping to be able to sell them, as we dropped a bit of cash on them a while back and never ended up needing them. It looks like some sort of tax-deductible donation will be our best bet...

Thanks so far!
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some ebayers would love them

just put them up on craigslist
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