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I have been asked to put together a package to find publishing companies to sponsor some work of a non-profit - also called corporate underwriting. It's not publicists I want, I think I need marketing departments. I have a few questions on how to do this...

I think I need to reach out to marketing departments. I am great on the phone, but I don't think cold-calling when I'm looking for sponsorships is the best idea. Any tips you might have of getting a list of people in the publishing or book industry who are responsible for underwriting and sponsorship decision-making would be a real help. If there are people here who have insight about how to make an approach, I would also really appreciate it. Thanks for any advice!
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Can you be a little more specific about what kinds of publishing, or what kind of non-profit? Knowing whether you're going for Tor Books, Reed Elsevier or Conde Nast would be helpful. I'm guessing from your question you mean book publishing, but even that has many facets (reference, fiction backlists, genre, etc.)

Book publishing not being known for its surplus cash*, maybe the best way to go about this is to identify publishers you know sponsor other non-profits in your area. Talk to the non-profits' underwriting directors about who they worked with, if they'll tell you.

*Exceptions noted. Holla, Judith Regan!
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