How do I pick a professional looking domain name?
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Help me pick a professional domain name for email. All reasonable combinations of my name are already taken (the same goes for GoogleMail addresses). I'd like to avoid if I can. I'm going to be using it mainly on CVs.

So, because my real name (any reasonable combination of it..) is taken and I can't get my real name on GoogleMail, I'd like to pick a reasonably professional domain name (a to handle all of my email. That way I can just have

The problem is.. Every domain I think of seems to sound like a lame social networking username or a dot com bubble company name. It'll be used on job applications, recruitment services and CVs. Nothing much else as I'd like to keep it separate from everything else.

I want to avoid getting a friend to forward mail from an already established domain for the same reason I'm not going to use one of my existing domains - I want a little self-contained email domain for work stuff.

I'm not so much looking for actual domain name suggestions - I'd really like advice on how to pick a suitable domain.

So, any ideas? Thanks!
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Are you limited to Have you looked into .org, .net or .name?
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Best answer: If you're going to be using it for professional resources, the simple general advice is to make sure it is something easy to unambiguously spell and pronounce, so you can give it out over the phone.
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could you use a combination of your name and your profession? I'm thinking
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Name of your street and the number of your house, or the same of a better street.
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Best answer: In your profession, or educational training, if you were to eventually start your own company, what would you name that company? That may be what you want to name your domain, and keep it for the next 50 years of your career. You may never work for yourself, always for the man, but if you do you're already set with your company domain and email.
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