The search for the right perforated vinyl printer
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If I wanted to do a lot of perforated window vinyl prints, like so, what type of printer would I be looking into purchasing? Said printer would have to print large enough to print on just about any vehicle's rear windshield. And where do the major players in this industry get their materials (vinyl, ink, anything else?)?

Do you have experience with perforated vinyl printing? If so, what else should I know if I am going to get into it?

Not including the printer, what would be the cost (estimate/guess) to print a 35"x55", full color, vinyl sticker?

Any other materials about perforated vinyl printing are more than welcome.
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You could print on perforated vinyl with any number of wide format printers from HP or Canon or Epson, for outdoor use you'd want to purchase a UV ink system with it. I have some experience with the HP5500 printer which takes up to a 60" roll. It does a good job on a variety of different surfaces. As far as where to buy materials, you could probably start by checking HP's or Canon's website and find yourself an authorized dealer.
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You can pick up a roll of the media at B and H photo video. They are the gold standard with internet photo and video gear.
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