IDE RAID Enclosure
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Does anyone know good IDE Raid enclosures? I currently own two 250 gig IDE hard drives and want to set them up in a single RAID enclosure. I have been looking around for a while but can only find SATA raid enclosures.

I'm asking for my brother. He currently owns the Netgear SC101 and says it didn't really work that great.
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SATA is the current/old technology. IDE is too old for current retailers to still have in stock.

When I want old hardware, I find that Ebay is my friend.
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What's wrong with this one on Newegg? They also have a more expensive one with firewire.
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Response by poster: I also have no clue why he doesn't just buy some SATA drives, but what can you do. Thanks for the links so far.
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The one on Newegg isn't RAID. It's just an enclosure for a single drive.
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If he's got an old ( say .5 to 1gHz ) pc around with at least 256m of ram you might try something like FreeNAS. Probably cheaper than one of the standalone enclosures, though definitely would use more electrons.
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You're not going to find much in the way of IDE RAID enclosures because you'll end up spending more on the RAID enclosure than buying replacement drives. A single 500GB SATA drive is now less than $100 whereas just the physical IDE RAID enclosure alone even without the RAID controller is already around $120.

In any case, the way to go is to buy a SATA RAID enclosure and IDE-to-SATA converters for each IDE drive.
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The one on Newegg isn't RAID. It's just an enclosure for a single drive.

That must be why it's so cheap. :-) How about this one?
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