undies for under my dress
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What is the correct underwear to wear with this dress?

I don't plan to wear a bra, but the spanx I would normally wear are too long. I don't think pantylines would show given the laser cut layers of fabric but maybe they would?
And for the record, the dress I bought is cobalt blue, I would not wear lavender.
I want to wear a yellow wrap with it, and silver shoes. too many brights?
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too many brights, yes. some shade of pink (rose?) might be okay though.

i don't think pantylines would show.
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I think the color combo sounds great, but I'm really into a lot of color lately.

If the Spanx are too long (and Target's version of Spanx seem to be a little shorter in the leg in my experience) then just a pair of seamless underpants that won't show lines under anything would be my choice. I don't really do "no underwear", but that would be an option too.
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don't wear silver shoes with blue and yellow. i'd get some patent leather yellow pumps with 3"+ heels.

the dress looks pretty structured so i doubt you'll have any problems with pantylines.
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You need a flesh coloured thong - always perfect. However if you are sure that pantylines won't show and you like the look of spanx, look for a flesh coloured control panty like this one. As for colours, it may be a little bright... what shade is the yellow wrap and what is the occassion?
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sorry, this is the link - http://www.spanx.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2990121&cp&kw=p1053&origkw=P1053&sr=1
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I don't think you need to worry about pantylines but there are plenty of varieties of seamless no-show underwear that you could investigate just to be safe.

I think a yellow wrap over the cobalt dress sounds fine but I'd skip silver shoes and just wear black.
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I like boy-cut panties when lines are a possible issue. They're far more comfortable than thongs.
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no, don't wear black shoes (with cobalt). you'll defeat your purpose. also, make sure your yellow is citrusy, not a warm yellow.
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Nthing panty lines are not an issue. The fabric/dress is very structured, so it will obscure any visible lines. Yellow and blue are bright and fantastic together, but I am not sure what colour shoes you can wear with that. Another option, is to wear the silver shoes, and find a nice woven (ie. holey) silver wrap. (Not a fabric wrap, but one woven with a subtle thread of silver, in something quite fluid, like silk.) Then the silver acts as a neutral and we see the fabulous dress!
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the yellow and blue together sound great to me. silver shoes would be fine if they were strappy sandals, not pumps.

pantywise, you'd be fine with a thong. if you want some control, there are control mini-slips with built-in panties. i think even spanx makes some.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I think I'm good to go.
I'll find me some of them seamless jobbies and I have enough of you saying I can go with my original colors I'm just gonna do it :)
yes they are strappy silver sandals.
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