I'm tired of supporting WalFart.
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Help me find more Mom-and-Pop shops in AZ. I'm looking for quirky shops just full of weird stuff - preferably craft supplies, home decor, clothing or second-hand stuff.

Not looking for:

Definitely looking for:
-Kid friendly
-As close to Gilbert as possible
-Fabrics! Craft Supplies! (Especially designer cottons)
-The place you would go to find that gift for that one friend who's just so strange that you can't shop for them at the mall or WalFart.
-Second-hand or eco-friendly an absolute plus!
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I would definitely check out Suenos Latin American Imports, although it's not terribly close to Gilbert.

Have you been to The Paper Studio in Tempe? The store is only open on Saturdays, but they also have some cool scrapbooking and papermaking classes.
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TheThriftShopper.com will generate a listing of secondhand shops in your area.
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Historic Downtown Glendale has a lot of little mom and pop type antique shops. Not really my style but it might be something you should check out since you're sorta close.
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Have you hit the little shops in the arts district downtown Phoenix? Sounds like exactly what you're looking for. Check out the 7th Avenue Melrose antiques district or the slew of shops around the 7th Street and Roosevelt area.
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Back before downtown Tempe became a mall, I used to go to Changing Hands bookstore, It looks like they have moved down the road to McClintock at Guadalupe. They used to have used books, and they seem pretty kid friendly. It looks like Saturday is Mad Scientist Day.
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This is at the far edge of what you're looking for, but Pop the Soda Shop is a really cool little store. Not only are there really fascinating soda flavors, but you can also find really cool, unusual bottles (so.. maybe that fits your "craft supply" criterion?).
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