Wiki hosting recommendations?
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Wiki hosting advice?

I would like a host a wiki centered on music events, mostly focusing on ones which are already past (within the past 15 years or so). I'd like people to be able to post flyers/posters/photos from the event, talk about the line-ups, post setlists, and tell stories/anecdotes about the events, etc..

I'm thinking that mediawiki would be the best system to use that, but I'm not familiar at all with admining mediawiki, and I'm not familiar with any wiki hosts-- does anyone have a recommendation for one? Money isn't a problem, but I want something that's going to be reliable and fairly painless to set-up.

Alternatively, does anyone know of any non-mediawiki hosts that would fit the bill? Free or for pay, it doesn't matter.
posted by empath to Computers & Internet (8 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite has fantastic reviews as far as hosting, and they allow you to add MediaWiki to your account for an additional 3.95
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I have successfully implemented a PmWiki onto a site hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech. I highly recommend both.

When I was evaluating options for wiki software, people often seemed to think MediaWiki was overkill for small deployments. However, more people will likely be familiar with it than other software (not that there is that much difference).
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Just so you know, Mediawiki (which would also be my choice) requires PHP 5. Some Web hosts still run PHP 4, so be sure to check.
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I use siteground.

You send them an email and bam you've got a wiki in 24 hrs. no extra charge.

they have great customer service. (but a painfully confusing website that I avoid)

I use mediawiki because I think most people are familiar with how it works. the admin of it is not hard.

mediawiki's instructions are probably more fine-tuned than other wikis because of so much collaboration. (I'm guessing.) I've easily found answers to all my questions.
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I use PBWiki to keep track of work stuff. It works well for me.

When I was doing wiki research, I found WikiMatrix to be a good resource to compare what's out there.

- Tom
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I really like DekiWiki and their hosted service -- it's free, but for $90/year you can get the pro service that lets you use your own domain and customize the HTML.
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Dreamhost has 'One Click Installs' of Mediawiki, which also includes 'One Click Updates'.

It's an easy way to keep your installation up to date.
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I would suggest Google's Sites feature which is essentially a wiki, it's free if you have your own domain. I'm using it after letting them buy a domain for me for $10. Seems pretty cool, but it is in beta right now.
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