Dissolving Face in the Movies
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Vaguely remembered movie from the early-to-mid 70s...any ideas?

This is going to be very vague, but I have the memory of a scene from a movie I saw in my childhood, and while I don't have a desire to see it again, I would like to put a check box next to it so whatever neurons are dedicated to this can go on to better things.

What I know: the time period must have been from somewhere in the early 70's to perhaps as late as the late 70's. I saw it on TV, and am fairly certain it would have been in the afternoon on a weekend, so this probably wasn't a first-line film and may even have been made for TV. I was watching it in the USA, and we didn't have cable, so this would have been ABC, NBC, or CBS.

I can only recall one scene with any clarity: The picture's hero kisses a woman, and when he pulls back her face is bloody. He looks away, and upon looking back, he sees a skull with a wig and a lot of crimson paint running off it (those were the production values of the flick). There may have been a flooding dungeon or similar setting. Perhaps the sun was rising as well, and I have a faint suspicion that this movie was concerned with the supernatural somehow, so perhaps she was a vampire.

I have no memory of the rest of the movie, and I was probably fiddling around with legos or something so it couldn't have been that exciting...perhaps, once again, the TV Guide led me to expect something that just wasn't delivered.

In any case, any ideas what I was watching would be welcome.
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Sounds like a Hammer Productions film, they used to play quite a bit on weekend afternoons. Here's a sampling from the 70's.
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Best answer: Well, that sounds like The Terror, with a young Jack Nicholson. Clip here (towards the end)
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Response by poster: GeekAnimator, thank you for settling a decades old mystery. Who knew Roger Corman was haunting my childhood?
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