Point me to the Japanese equivalent of NPR
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Online feed of an NPR-like Japanese radio station?

I live in a single room in a quiet dorm. Often the silence is overwhelming, so I turn on the TV, or listen to NPR or C-SPAN radio online. This gets distracting when I have to read or do homework.

Ideally I would like to have something that sounds similar to the soothing tones of NPR (content doesn't matter, as long as there is no music or ads with musical jingles), but in a language that I can't understand at all. I don't know any Japanese but I have always liked the way it sounds. My Googling efforts (in English) have come up Japanese with stations that play music and ads in addition to talk/news. Any suggestions?
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Maybe you can listen online here.
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nhk world will occasionally be English, but also sometimes Urdu, Vietnamese, etc.
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Actually, the streaming station seems a lot more . . . sparse than it used to be.

I've not learned of any good Japanese talk radio that is available in the US, or over the web. Maybe downloading Japanese podcasts (like the yomiuri news podcasts) and just having a podcast playlist would be the way to go. I'm not really sure.
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Is music out of the question? I love Sigur Ros for this, especially ().
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Response by poster: Is music out of the question? I love Sigur Ros for this, especially ().

I do listen to music sometimes (including that album!) but what I really want is the neutral, talk-y background noise effect that you get if you are in a coffee house or cafeteria where there are enough voices talking at the same time that you can't understand individual words or sentences.

that girl: I'll check out the yomiuri podcasts, thanks.
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