Where in/near Boston should I buy a tuxedo?
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Where in/near Boston should I buy a tuxedo?

I need to buy a tuxedo for my wedding. Where in/near Boston should I shop? I'm somewhat on the clueless side about fashion so I'm looking for a place with knowledgable and helpful staff who will walk me through all my options, etc. I'm not very price-concious for this purchase. I'm in my late 20s and tend to dress pretty conservatively. Thanks for any suggestions!
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My knee-jerk response to any tuxedo question is Keezer's in Central Square. I haven't been there in years but from the yelp reviews it looks like they're still good.
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Good quality at reasonable prices and usually knowledgeable sales people.
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My knee-jerk response to any tuxedo question is Keezer's in Central Square.

I second the recommendation. While the store carries second-hand clothing, tuxedos aren't really "daily wear," so their selection is high quality stuff. Another similar store with vintage classic formal wear (among other items) is Bobby from Boston in the South End (19 Thayer St. (between Albany St & Harrison Ave).

If you want "new," consider Brooks Brothers . If you want high-end, consider Giorgio Armani, Louis Boston, Emporio Armani and Polo Ralph Lauren all on Newbury.

Also, consider getting one custom-made. I had one made by a tailor who is now retired. Others here -- or friends of yours -- may have suggestions for a fine tailor.
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Buy, not rent? If you're going to buy one, and think you will wear it again for other occasions, then I'd go someplace like Classic Tuxedo on Newbury and try on the range they have there to see what you like, then look for that particular designer's tux for sale elsewhere (or see if they'll sell you one).

If you're going for something like a reeeeally nice suit, then Barneys. Alternate: Mr. Sid.
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I was also going to recommend Bobby From Boston. I am not a Bostoner, but I visited the store while on a trip recently and was stunned by how wonderful it is. A tuxedo is about the best thing you can buy vintage if you're open to it, since the pieces made at the high-point of men's clothing quality (30s/40s) are 100% appropriate today. You can get a much finer garment vintage than new for the same price.

Note that Bobby's also has a warehouse which you can visit by appointment, in Lynn I believe, and they would be happy to help you find something perfect.

You might also consider renting if you're cost-conscious, don't want vintage, and don't have a tuxedo-oriented lifestyle. I can't recommend a decent rental place in Boston, though.
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On a sidenote: remember that tuxedoes are evening wear. If you're getting married during the day, go either with a stroller, day formal, or just a nice suit.
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Please reconsider getting married in a tuxedo, it's not really a good idea. The proper groom's attire is, simply, morning dress. If that's too formal, an excellent black or midnight blue suit with a white shirt (please NOT button down, French collar is best) and a solid colored tie (why not light blue or silver?) is the way to go. White handkerchief tastefully in your breast pocket and you're ready to go.

Much, much better than a tuxedo.

In Boston, I'd go to Barneys, no question.
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nthing keezer's. Go with a friend to help you pick it out. The guys there seem to know their sh1t to some degree.
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Keezer's is very good if you just want a cheap tux. If price isn't an issue, I'd suggest Brooks Brothers... their suits are fairly high quality, and their staff (at least at the Newbury location) is very helpful/knowledgeable. Much as I love Barney's, I wouldn't suggest getting a tux there-- they are far more trend-focused, and the silhouette of one of their suits/tuxedos might look silly five or ten years from now.
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