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What radio stations do you turn to while the NPR stations' pledge drives go on and on an on? I'm a KUOW listening with KPLU as a backup and this week both are begging. I need suggestions for listening between 6 and 9 am.
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If you can incorporate streaming audio into your morning in lieu of OTA radio, you could try Oregon Public Broadcasting's stream, among many other net radio stations. Maybe not so much in the shower / car, though.
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I don't live in Seattle, but KEXP sounds kinda neat.
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Or, if you can incorporate streaming audio, check out my home city's community radio station: KABF.
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Luckily, the two NPR stations I can get OTA in my area (WFYI-Indy, WBST-Muncie) run their pledge drives on different weeks. One usually winds-up just as the other one is starting. I also stream them throughout my work day (note to WBST...please ditch the RealAudio stream and join the mp3 world.)

The downside is that WFI carries a full NPR schedule throughout the day while WBST defaults to endless classical music between 9am and 2pm. So, when FYI does their pledge thing, I need to search for a streaming alternative.
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Sorry if this seems like an obvious solution, but y'know there are a TON of podcasts from NPR / PRI / APM / The Beeb available. Everything from greatness like This American Life and Wait Wait to the horrible dreck like The Splendid Table. It's all there.

Every year I just burn a couple CDs of everything I missed and listen for a week. The pledge drives drive ME crazy.
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hey, that OPB link is failing. Go here instead.
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Well, I have NPR, Minnesota Radio, WBUR, WGBH and KCRW all bookmarked in iTunes. They run roughly the same stuff (though it's often staggered enough that if I miss CarTalk on one, I can still catch it an hour or two later). It's rare when they ALL run a pledge drive simultaneously.
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If you have access to the internet BBC Radio has many fine stations. Probably you want Radio 4 or World Service.
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I'm assuming you are not in a car driving between 6am and 9am? If so I recommend KCRW. We have two NPR stations here, and thank god their pledge drives have never overlapped yet. The other NPR here tends towards local news during the times you specified, so KCRW would be a better bet.

Someone needs to figure out a way to have two simultaneous streams for all NPR stations during pledge drive. The moment you pledge, you get access to the normal, no-begging stream. That would guarantee them my cash the moment pledge drive week began! I do love and support my NPR but I do hate the begging weeks, although of course I fully understand why they need to do it.
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Moses Lake



Port Angeles




Walla Walla


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Oh man, in Seattle we are lucky. I thank god every spring and summer that KEXP and KUOW don't do their pledge drives during the same week. I'd rather have news in the morning and music in the afternoon but I don't mind switching it up to avoid the pledge drive.

But seriously, give money to both of these stations, they each do an incredible job. Just think if we lived in a city where our only options were corporate commercial radio. Ick.
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Another vote for the podcast option. NPR has a million of them on their website. Personally, I've found that nothing passes the time better on a hellish Seattle commute than an episode of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Or, if you have Satellite radio, there's a station on XM (and probably on Sirius as well) that plays a lot of PRI content (Marketplace, This American Life, Bob Edwards, etc)... it's worth checking out. I often prefer it to KUOW, but then again, I can't stand listening to Steve Scher.
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Oh man I feel your pain, and I used to completely turn the radio off for weeks until I discovered that there are three NPR stations in the SF Bay area.
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box is correct: KABF is full of win. Good stuff, and they do it for love of the game.
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they podcast alot of their content just dl it the night before or while your showreing that morning
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I don't think KXOT is running the pledge drive this week, so if you're south of the Ship Canal there's that.

However, they run Diane Rehm from 7-9am. She makes Steve Scher sound good.
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