Casual Carpooling
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Do other ad hoc ridesharing services exist besides "Casual Carpooling" in the Bay Area and "Slugging" in Washington D.C.? What other names do these services go by? What cities?
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Chicago has i-Go cars.
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sugarfish, ridesharing is not the same as carsharing.
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In the US only? Because, if not, this is a huge phenomenon in Europe. Check out the German site mitfahrgelegenheit ("Ride-share Opportunity"), which is very widely used, for example. I wish this sort of thing were more popular in America.
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In Seattle we have a company called Goose.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers everyone. I'm mostly focused on the US, but if there are leads outside the country I'm interested in hearing about them too.

Just to clarify, as iknowizbirfmark mentions, I'm looking for ridesharing examples, not carsharing; particularly places where riders and drivers carpool with no advanced coordination and where the participating parties are likely to be strangers.
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Jeff, you probably already know about the informal private sort-of-taxi system that exists in Russia and quite a few eastern European countries: because owning a car is expensive, people regularly pick up 'hitchhikers' who pay a small set amount per kilometer. I'm sure there's more about this online--European hitchhiking listservs and message boards talk about it occasionally. I can rustle up more info if you'd like.
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