Boston area marriage counselors?
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Can anyone recommend an excellent marriage counselor in/around Boston, MA?

In desperate need of a marriage counselor in or around Boston to help us to save our 15-year partnership. I've done a google search and found Back Bay Counseling, and a Robert Miller in Cambridge who is affiliated with the Gottman Institute--but I have no experience with either. If anyone has any personal experiences they can share, online or off, with either of these two therapists or anyone else, I would so greatly appreciate it. Truly, truly, truly from the bottom of my heart.

Private email is
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As a (beginning) therapist, I have attended a professional develpment workshop by David Treadway, and have also read/admired his book Dead Reckoning. If I were looking for a couple therapist, I'd try him.
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Also, the Family Institue of Cambridge is an excellent source for professional development for psychotherapists. Alothough they don't offer family therapy at the institute, their FAQ says that they could refer you to one of their faculty who has a private practice. Again, if I were looking for a couple's counselor, I would use the FIC as a resource. I know a few of their faculty professionally, and have been impressed by their sensitivity, reflective ability, and commitment. Note that this group, in general, tend to be less dry/objective/distant and more relational in their approach.
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