We need Milla's dress!
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I want to find the dress that Milla Jovovich wore in Resident Evil for my fiance...

Most of you are probably familiar with Milla Jovovich's potrayal of Alice in Resident Evil. I love the outfit that she wore in the first movie, and upon showing a picture of it to my fiance, she now loves it, too. However, the problem we're faced with is that we can't see to find the dress anywhere!

According to wikipedia, it's a "thin-strapped bias-cut red dress" and a mini-skirt. The mini skirt is obviously simple to find, but the dress is giving us all sorts of problems. My fiance is between a size 6 or a size 8 dress size, and we don't really care if it's a costume or not; just something that looks like that would be a great starting point, and bonus points would go to anyone who could point us to that exact model. Many thanks in advance!
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It sounds to me from the article that the dress was made specifically for her role in the film, not bought off the rack. I'm sure a seamstress could recreate the dress for your fiancee, and I would bet it wouldn't be terribly expensive, either -- it doesn't look like a very complicated construction.
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Seconding a seamstress. Call your local dress shop/tailor, give them a photo (or some stills from the movie) and get an estimate. It looks pretty simple to me and shouldn't cost all that much - but if you're looking for a replica, cost should be secondary to how it looks, right?
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Derek Lam slip dress
[OK, not cheap.. ]

Or did you think abt maybe picking up separates at American Apparel and having them altered? baby rib tank in cranberry or sheer jersey chemise in cranberry + fine jersey draped skirt in cranberry + spandex bicycle short in black or interlock mini skirt. Just take the cranberry pieces & have altered, I bet you could put together a decent version. AA stuff runs really small btw. I'm a size 6 and usually get a medium.
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or this dress in cranberry and then tie the bandeau the way you like and slice the hem. stuff is raw edge hems anyway, you might as well take a scissors to it.
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You could always post an Alchemy request at etsy.com. You post a description, a photo, and the price you are willing to pay, then sellers "bid" on your listing. You then send your fiance's measurements, the kind of fabric, other info the seller asks for, and presto! A custom design is yours for a fraction of designer-prices!
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Find a seamstress. That dress is not at all complicated. It would be fairly easy (and surprisingly inexpensive) for a good seamstress to make it.
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Ask at Ballet/Dancewear supply places. They work with that specific style (in leotards) everyday! The fabric, scalloped edges and draping (in crossovers and wraps) - also everyday.
I can sew well, but there is a real art to sewing stretch. (And without the right machine - you can just forget it.) I am a shocking and demanding perfectionist though...
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