PDA that can play MP3 and adjust its tempo on-the-fly?
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Is there a PDA that can play an MP3 file and adjust its tempo during playback? Or, is there software for a PDA platform (Windows Mobile or Palm) that can do this? I'm looking for a PDA that can playback lecture recordings that are MP3 format and that can speed them up or slow them down on-the-fly. A bookmarking feature for the MP3's would be nice also.
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Express Scribe is free for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and can do what you want. I suspect it will run on a Windows Mobile PDA, though I am not certain.

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TCPMP does this. Under General Preferences you can set the speed in percentages from 14% to 200%, and you can adjust that while the song is playing.

I'm listening to a Chipmunked Aimee Mann right now. She sounds almost happy.

The player is available for a number of platforms, but it's the Palm one I'm talking about here.
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Rockbox loaded onto ipods, irivers, cowon, sandisk, or a bunch of others can alter playback speeds, and has an unmatched bookmarking facility. I actually do something like time control for a bunch of lectures (speed up but lower pitch to avoid chipmonkishness) but most PDAs or MP3 players don't have enough welly to do this in realtime. You can download Audacity or similar and run a batch process to speed up but maintain pitch. Also you can trim all silence down to maximum ~75ms or so.
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