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What's the name/artist of the blissful reggae/surf/pop song in Funky Forest: The First Contact?

This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. And now I'm obsessed with this particular song. It's a song from Takefumi's dream sequence, which features 8 yellow-suited dancers. I think it's sung in Chinese. It's featured in the second half of this trailer (0:56 on). Please :)
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Best answer: Here's a link about buying the soundtrack.

This page seems to list the full tracks, it looks like you're seeking the music of Little Tempo? You could find more info on last.fm or here. All the listings include the term "dub" so I would assume that of the other artists listed, this group is most likely responsible for the reggae sound.

It's a great, weird, wild flick. Hopefully you can find some torrents of the sountrack or at least catch some more Little Tempo music.
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Total derail...but have you seen The Taste of Tea? Same director, Katsuhito Ishii, and one of my favorite all time films.

Check the trailer here. (french subs?)
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Best answer: Yay!
It's "Shin Shin Doutei" by Tico from Little Tempo.
You can download here (click the black "DL" bar.)
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You are a star, naju. Thx for that link (and for bringing Little Tempo to my attention, I had never heard about them)
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