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Do they make crazy straws in gallon jug caps?

You know how sometimes there exist straws in caps, to be screwed onto bottles so you can drink right out of them? I'm pretty sure I've seen them for 20oz bottles of soda. But I'd like to get a crazy straw in one, fitted to be screwed onto a gallon milk jug. Does such a thing exist?
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I've never seen one of these commercially, but it would be pretty darn easy to make one. If you make the hole in the gallon jug just a little bit smaller than the straw, you probably wouldn't even need glue to seal it. Even if you did use glue of some sort though, if you put it on the top side and give it time to dry, it doesn't seem terribly dangerous. I've made contraptions like this dozens of times, and am no worse the wear for it. However, IANAstrawD.
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