Hep my friend plan a trip to PEI
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A friend of mine would like advice about her prospective trip to Prince Edward Island.

My friend CK and her sister have decided to take a joint family vacation to the Canadian east coast this summer. Going on the trip are: CK and her sister, their respective husbands, and their three children, aged 7, 3, and 3. They will be travelling in a motorhome. They plan to spend most of their time in Nova Scotia, but will be spending 2 days and 2 nights in P.E.I.

CK went to Nova Scotia for her honeymoon six years ago and so she feels she knows how to plan that part of the trip, but she is not at all familiar with P.E.I. She would like advice about campgrounds that accept motorhomes, are kid-friendly, and are preferably oceanside.
She would like suggestions of things to do like good beaches, eateries, lighthouses, historic sites to visit, kid-friendly eateries, things not to miss in Charlottetown, and boat tours. None of the adults drink alcohol, so no need to recommend pubs and the like. CK is also considering taking their bikes along so they could go exploring. They will probably go to Green Gables (how could they not), but will not see the play (CK being something of a Montgomery purist. Don’t ask her for her frank and unvarnished opinion of Road to Avonlea. Actually, don’t ask me, either).

I’ve found this thread about visiting P.E.I. and Nova Scotia, but although it has some good suggestions in it, it isn’t tailored to motorhomes and small children. Any and all advice you consider suitable for such a vacation in P.E.I. is welcome.
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Doesn't sound like she has time, but I woudl definitely recomend a trip to the Magdelein Islands off the cost of PEI. It's like 5 hours by ferry. The most interesting isolated mysterious place I've ever been. Really. It's so cool. I went there 4 years ago and have never forgotten about it. Trying to go back this summer.
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How's this?
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The Starlight diner in Summerside is pretty cool. One of the best 50's style diners I've ever been to.
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You can't go to PEI without doing a church basement lobster supper. Google for other ones, and don't worry, besides some hokey Canadian music and a guy asking where each table is from, you won't have to put up with anything religious.
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Here's an old post of mine from a previous thread.
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I haven't been to PEI in years but the last time I went I was about the age of the kids, so maybe this will help.

I loved the lobster suppers - bibs for everyone!

We played on the beaches for days. I have no idea what my parents did but the water was warm, there was seaweed to throw at my sister and it was shallow enough that my little brother was only in danger because of his sisters. I believe we went to Brackley Beach which is on the North Shore.

Of course, we went to see Green Gables and there was at least two amusement parks nearby that were fun for us kids. One (Rainbow Valley RIP) is closed but Sandspit is still there. Cavendish Beach is also good but I remember it being crowded.

It looks like the PEI government has a really good website for visitors which includes being able to search for accommodations with certain features. If PEI is like NS, that official site is really THE place to find out where to stay.
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The kids (and adults, too!) would love to see Chuck and Albert. I've seen them when they were with Barachois, and it's a rollicking good time, and some damned fine music, too.
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I have very fond memories of a childhood trip to Cavendish. Beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets every night.
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seconding hydrobatidae's recommendation for the PEI government tourism guide. We were in North Rustico last summer, and all the details we found on the PEI site.
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It's the 100th anniversary of Anne! Do go to the other sites outside of Cavendish...and I nth the lobster supper.

Sometime ago, there was a comedy called Annekenstein but I have yet to find the script.
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I went to some non-Montgomery places: the potato, fox and Acadian museums (at the last place a woman there told me she thought I was strange and then wanted to do my Tarot cards); but the beaches and Anne-related are the most interesting.
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