How do I hunt down this obscure DVD?
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I'm trying to hunt down a copy of the out-of-print DVD "Black Like Me" for a colleague. I'm very inexperienced in trying to find obscure movies, so where do I start?

Fun Facts: Used DVD is not a problem. My town's two video stores are of no help. Ebay turns up a VHS now and again, but I was sort of hoping for a nicer format. (I see the Laserdisc there, also; pretty sure he doesn't have an LD player). I am near Winnipeg and willing to drive there, if anybody knows some good places to call. Other than that, I suppose it's up to the internet?
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amazon and netflix don't offer it, neithers.
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I found DVD copies on google. I've never used the service or seller, so caveat emptor...
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and actually, this url has more detail about the quality of the DVD. It seems to be the same seller though.
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Interlibrary loan?
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I'm shocked that this movie's so hard to find. Is it really that obscure? I remember it as being rather good. For what it's worth, out of all the Canadian library collections that WorldCat is aware of, there's but a single copy (and of VHS edition, at that) and it's in the Seneca College Library in Toronto. Not worth an ILL, I should think.
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You might try through the site iOffer. It's sort of an ebay clone for hard to find videos etc. and even offers swaps along with outright purchasing. a search for the title on that site yielded these results

I've used them before for obscure films, but as the others say above, caveat emptor.
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Roberts Hard to find Videos seems to indicate that it's only available on VHS.

It probably hasn't been released on DVD, and any you find on the net are probably VHS transcodes.

via Rick Forchuk's radio show:
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It probably hasn't been released on DVD, and any you find on the net are probably VHS transcodes.

so_: there was a DVD edition, published in 2002 by VCI Entertainment of Tulsa, OK. It might be a crappy transfer, but it was an official release.
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Response by poster: Clarification: I'd like to purchase and give it to my colleague as a gift. So rentals are sort of out...unless these rental places will up and sell it to me, I guess. Thanks for the answers so far!
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Ah, I think when you said "I suppose it's up to the internet" some might have interpreted that as meaning that you would be satisfied with a torrent of it, and thus other means of locating an original to be ripped were proposed.

I would suggest getting in touch with VCI Entertainment. Though they don't list it as a product in stock, they appear to be the only folks who have ever issued an official DVD version. It's conceivable that they might be able to help you.
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Well, if price is no object, here's a seller with a copy.
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