Don't cry for me, Mookie Monster! What's up with my cat's right eye?
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You Are Not My Vet Filter: My 10-year-old Siamese has had a weeping right eye for the past few weeks. He's otherwise frisky and healthy as ever, but I find myself cleaning his right eye three or four times a day. I'm stymied; has anyone experienced a "single-eye" weeping issue? There's no sneezing or appearance of illness. What's a good treatment?
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Best answer: My cat went through something quite similar - one of her eyes was watery. There was also mucus, in her case. I took her to the vet and got some antibiotic ointment and in a few days she was fine. It turned out to be a bacterial infection.
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Best answer: One of the furballs has FHV, which manifests in weepy eye(s) due to secondary infection. Every few weeks/months we need to go go through a round of antibiotic eye goop to clear up secondary infections that have popped up.

Take him to the vet and see what they say.
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Best answer: Eyes are nothing to mess with. The best treatment is one that a vet determines after seeing your cat. Please take him to the vet.
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Response by poster: I'll take the little guy to the vet tomorrow. Thanks for the input.
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Best answer: Yes -- our younger cat had an eye an infection. It cleared up after a week of applying prescription antibiotic ointment.

The infection may have been connected to a rotten tooth on the same side of her face, which had to be extracted. It would be a good idea to have the vet check your cat's teeth and gums.
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Best answer: My roommate's Siamese gets a weepy eye every so often when she's not eating enough. She's 18 and finicky as all hell, so sometimes she just doesn't eat enough for a couple of days (usually followed by a big hairball, and subsequent demands for stinky wet food). It's clear fluid that collects right around the inner corner of her eye and only gets noticeable about once a day. It's how we can tell she isn't eating enough. (We then try to appease her with all manner of smelly, fishy cat treats. She has us well trained.)

However, if it lasts more than two days my roommate always takes her to the vet just to double-check. She's always been okay, but might as well just check.
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Best answer: My kitty had something similar and it turned out to be a small scratch. Enough to irritate but not dangerous. Vet gave some ointment for the eye, I think it was two or three times a day, was fine in a few days.
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My Siamese cat gets a weepy left eye from time to time, and it usually clears up after a day or two. I've noticed it seems to be when the weather changes, or sometimes when my own allergies are acting up. If the discharge is clear, and it doesn't last more than a few days, I'd say it's probably okay. Of course, a visit to the vet will put your mind at ease.
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