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I'm trying to negotiate the oft confusing waters of Microsoft products in an Enterprise environment. Long story short: trying to link to a custom form, or at least to the "choose a form" dialog box from a web page.

I'm working with an intranet, Outlook 2003, and very little Microsoft tech knowledge.

Apparently there have been some security changes in the latest Microsoft updates that have made it impossible to launch a custom form by exporting it as a .oft file to the server and then linking to it. Which is how we have been doing things. Error messages like "The custom form could not be opened, Outlook will use an Outlook form instead" appear.

I don't know too much about Microsoft products in general (though I do have a nice programming background in *nix technologies), but I need to either link to the custom forms themselves, or at least launch outlook with the "Choose a form" dialog box appearing.

Is there any generic registry change that I could make to adjust the security settings so I can do this? Or a vbs script that could launch outlook and the dialog box? Or some other new method I don't know about?
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I also am not familiar with this area, but this sounds like a very similar problem to yours:
Office 2003 sp3 and OFT files (myitforum.com)

Similar advice here:
Service Pack 3 has broken my forms... (pcreview.co.uk)

Good luck.
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