Help me find this shelf!!..
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where can i find something similar to this , but a smaller width and a lot cheaper ?

didn't really see anything in ikea similar that i could hang horizontally...
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How about this?

This is actually wider and more expensive, but it is a lot similar to what you are looking for; maybe the store has something similar of the same brand that is smaller.
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Response by poster: The GRIMLE is what i need but a lot shorter. The first link would be alright if it were white.
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Yeah, I would try calling the store again. When I worked at IKEA there would be a lot more stuff and sizes available than what was actually displayed in their catalogues, so we would always recommend that clients either call or come to the store to get more ideas. I don't know if this is the same now that things are on the Internet.

I guess you could always try painting white over the first one, but I have no idea how it will turn out.

Call the store and tell them you wish to know if the BJORKEN comes in white or if the GRIMLE comes in a smaller size. Likely you will need to be transferred to the corresponding departments (i.e. the living room department for the BJO... and the bathroom department for the GRIM...)
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