Hoping for a hoop
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Where to find the hoop for ye ol' stick and hoop game?

I'm looking for something similar to this but without the high cost and shipping involved. I thought perhaps an embroidery hoop would work, but it has springs and screws and things attached to it. Where can I find a simple wooden hoop without paying a crazy price for it?
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A cooper supply company? I always thought they came from barrels.
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Well, it's not a wooden hoop, but Push Roll sells a metal hoop and stick game through Amazon for $25 and it qualifies for free shipping.
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If it doesn't have to be wooden, you can pick up a hula hoop for, what, a buck?
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Bike wheel, minus spokes and hub.
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Best answer: I use Rolling Hoops where I work and I've never found any reasonable substitute. Embroidery hoops are far too flimsy - and also too small - even without the hardware. Kids in the old days used discarded cask/barrel hoops. If you like this game, best to just spring for the hoops, since hoops like this are not really made for any other major purpose any more. We get ours wholesale from Cooperman, but they are also sold at any number of websites -- just search on "hoop and stick" or "rolling hoop."
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If you know any alumnae of Bryn Mawr or Wellesley, it's conceivable that they may have a hoop in their attic, hoop racing being a May Day tradition. The hoops are often inherited, however, and passed along to underclasswomen. If you don't want to pay for shipping, it'd be good to know where you live.
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Second the bike wheel rim suggestion -- much easier to find than barrel hoops, these days.
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Would barrel hoops work?
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