Help with firefox lagging/freezing???
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Can anyone help me figure out why Firefox is freezing/lagging on me and help me to fix it?

Firefox all of a sudden started freezing while loading tabs. It does it when I'm either opening one or multiple tabs and it won't load them from anywhere from 30seconds to 3-5 minutes, so it's really putting a hamper on my productivity. It started a couple weeks ago, but have had exams so haven't been able to really try to fix it yet, and it happens more often when I'm trying to load pictures or lists, especially in ebay and facebook.
I've not installed any extensions that would be doing it, and if I had, I deleted them (didn't really use them like I thought I would, so got rid of them).
Oh, it's not the internet, as IE and Opera work just fine during these periods of lag for firefox.

Can anyone help me before I go insane anymore??? (with FF that is).
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Have you tried just reinstalling FF? I've had a few minor but irritating problems over the years with FF and reinstalling worked every time.
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Oh, yeah, meant to mention that. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall.
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We're only a few weeks from the official launch of FF3 - maybe grab the beta5 release and try that? I know it doesn't actually 'solve' the problem, but maybe you don't have to.
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@ pupdog: I tried FF3, but only one of my extensions work in FF3, so it's not for me yet, as I use the addon's extensively. Thanks for the suggestion though! (although will be looking forward to FF3 when my extensions get uptodate.)
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1. Disable your extensions
2. Problem gone?
3. Enable extensions one at a time.
4. Problem back?
5. Stop using that one extension.

This is the case with at least half of FF problems in my company.

Also, as stated above, FF3 is a major, major improvement, get on it as soon as you can do what you need to with it.
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I've been having the same issue lately on XP. If I recall correctly, Firefox recently pushed a browser upgrade. I'm thinking that it's something buggy with that. For whatever reason, it's seemed to have calmed down today.
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Lifehacker has info on workarounds for getting your extensions to work in Firefox 3.

I haven't tried yet - I'll wait till June for the full release.
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I've found AJAXy stuff to bring FF to a grinding halt. Do you use any RSS readers?
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@rhizome; just google reader, but it's never given this problem before.

@finitejest--i do seem to remember a upgrade recently, but don't know how to convert back before the upgrade.
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I had a similar problem a while ago. I found that someone in our household had been bookmarking just about everything ever visited since the beginning of time. I removed most of the bookmarks and things worked nicely after that. FF seems to index these every so often, so other system slowdowns were resolved by this as well.
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@kc0dxh--that's something I didn't think of. I'll give that a try
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