Where are good places to buy inexpensive office furniture?
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I've already checked out officefurniture.com, IKEA, Office Maxand Staples. Can you recommend a place to get modern type office furniture, particularly desks for around $500 or less? I'm looking for either a corner desk or L-shaped.
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Where are you located? Would second hand work?
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I've had good luck ordering from http://allmodernfurniture.com.
Take a look around and see if anything suits your fancy.
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Are you saying that nothing at the 4 stores you listed interested you or that they didn't fit the budget?
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Yeah, a word about why the places that you already looked at weren't satisfactory would be useful.
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I've ordered several inexpensive office pieces from Furniture Buzz.
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I've ordered office furniture from Cymax that was inexpensive. They have sites based on each brand (Bush, Bestar, etc) but it looks like you can just go to cymax.com. Here are their L-shaped desks, some look fairly modern and quite a few are under $500. I think you'll have to put it together yourself, but based on the stores you've already considered, that's probably not a big deal to you.
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Try Eurway.
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Amazingly enough, The Container Store.
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Sorry for the lack of info in the OP. I was just looking for further variety, as there were maybe only 2-3 systems at each store and I'm trying to find the best fit for our budget and style.

Thanks others for your recommendations.
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@Artw - I am located in Columbus, Ohio and am definitely open to second-hand as long as it's in good condition.
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Gothic Cabinet Craft makes real wood furniture at pretty decent prices. You can buy them unfinished or have them finish them for you. They come mostly assembled, if not completely. However, I could not find any L-desks in your price range.
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Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone. Eurway almost breaks my heart because I want to buy everything in that place!!!! Cymax is a great resource too. I'm still digging through the other links at this point, but these are exactly what I was looking for. Cheers!
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www.eq3.com like Ikea but better style.
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My husband and I are very happy with two Ikea Vika tables put together into an L. You can get a fair amount of selection (because it's mix and match), but really only in white or birch tops. We did find that birch top with white legs looks very good - clean and modern without looking institutional. The tables were $40-50 each (tops around $15-30, legs $5 each).
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