men's (casual) fashion basics/theory resources?
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What are some men's (casual) fashion basics/theory resources?

I'm looking for some men's casual fashion resources. I'm more interested in theories and rules of thumbs, rather than specific items (like buy shoes X, brand Y, etc).

I recently stumbled upon, and was blown away by the things no one ever taught me. I've been wearing white socks my entire life :( I'm looking for something like that, but more in depth. Other theory things like how to match colours/shapes etc would be helpful too.

Some background about myself: mid-20's asian male, recent college grad, profession: engineer
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My brother the clotheshorse put me on to Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser [GB] and The Indispensable Guide to Classic Men's Clothing [GB] (I only own the second, but believe the first comes more highly recommended).

They're guides more to classic (formal and semi-formal) fashion than casual, but are a good place to start. You'll learn about the tradeoffs of pleated/flat front or cuffed/straight trousers, different collar types for shirts, or peaked/notched lapels for jackets; how to do cufflinks or a pocket square; how to identify quality tailoring; and how to choose fashions to best complement your build and style.

And remember: "Never trust anybody who wears a bow tie. Cravat's supposed to point down, to accentuate the genitals. Why'd you wanna trust somebody whose tie points out, to accentuate his ears?"
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