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Need help naming a children's movie...

My wife has faint memories of a fond movie from her childhood and needs help finding out what it was. Here's what she remembers:

It's a live-action movie (she's pretty sure). The main character, probably a girl, goes through a mirror at the beginning which leads her on a quest for a magical cherry tree that grants extended life. Then there's some old evil lady that keeps eating the cherries to live longer. Finally, the girl gets the cherries to her grandparent (she thinks) which might save their life or something?

She's pretty sure there was some sort of "stuffed animal" creature that led the protagonist through this. It's possible that the whole thing was a Care Bears, Pound Puppies, or Popples video - she really can't remember.

Any ideas? Thanks - this has been driving her nuts for a long time!!
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Response by poster: zomg, nice work! That was a quick response :)

She's freaking out and forcing me to buy it for her... so thanks, I guess?
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I remember this movie! But it was totally out of my memory until now, so thanks! I remember loving it!!!
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