Does anyone remember a radio skit (possibly on KPFA) about a French restaurant with a "spicy pony head" ingredient?
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SpicyPonyHeadFilter: My mom heard a skit on KPFA (she thinks) in which an American in France is ordering from a menu and it becomes clear by the end of the skit that everything on the menu has "spicy pony head" as a principal ingredient.

She'd like to find out what it was called but the radio station's website isn't giving up the info, and it was so long ago (a month or so) that she figures no one at the station will remember it.

Has anyone heard or heard of this skit?

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"SAN Franciscan sketch troupe Kasper Hauser (Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 26 August) were the funniest, most inventive act I encountered at this year's Fringe. They introduced me to the joys of tormenting friends with references to spicy pony heads and phone calls to the 14th century. You have no idea what I am talking about. The only cure for such ignorance is to see their show."

From this file.
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Nice work! Thank you!
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Sounds a lot like Monty Python's spam skit to me...
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