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Toyota filter: Price, time frame, and reputable (Vancouver BC) shop to do a 4AGE engine swap to a 1994 Corolla.

From what I've read online - since the 1994 Corolla's 4AFE engine is from the 4A family, a 4AGE should bolt right in using the existing mounts.

Does anyone know the price (engine + install), and swap time involved, and what shop has done such a swap in the Vancouver BC area ?

I can't seem to get concrete numbers from Google alone, I'd like to know if it is worth it dollar-wise.
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Best answer: Picking VERY approximate numbers, expect to pay $500-$3000 for an engine depending on condition and probably $1000 in labour costs to have the old one pulled out and the new one fitted. It will take at least 3 days assuming they have everything on hand.

Hell, my mechanics have had my car for four months now but that's an outlier for various interesting reasons.
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Best answer: Engine swaps at the Toyota dealership I used to work at took 8-10 hours, and were sometimes done in one day. If any modifications need to be done expect it to take longer. Prices for engines and that kind of work vary far too widely to give you any useful numbers, your best bet is to call around your area and get some estimates.
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Wow, I just got rid of a 92 Corolla for being gutless about six months ago. I wish I would have known about this mod a few years ago! That 20-valve GE must be pretty insane in that tinbox (if it'd fit).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info guys. Anyone seen this swap completed before ?

As a side question, does anyone know if the Japanese AWD drivetrain parts will bolt on, or will they need extensive mods to work ?
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