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LipGlossFilter: I'm looking for expensive-ish lip gloss for a young lady, need some advice!

My lady friend loves lip gloss. Shiny and light colors. I need lip gloss that is similar to this. Sweet, glossy, and not-so-cheap (but of course.. WORTH it), please! No "plumpers" either.. Thanks!
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I love MAC Lipglass; it comes in a million colors. However, it's not flavored.

Lancome Juicy Tubes are flavored and might be more up her alley.
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Check out Sephora for their huge selection of lip gloss...
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Response by poster: Hmmm I meant sweet-LOOKING. I totally forgot about lip gloss taste.. I want to get her a wide array anyway, so I'll try all sorts! Thanks!
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Seconding MAC Lipglass.
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Nthing Sephora.
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I'd recommend the MAC Lipglass family too. All MAC lip products are pleasantly, yet lightly, vanilla scented.

Also, Fresh makes some pretty good gloss. Especially the Sugar kind.
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Chanel Glossimers are nice, and I would think most girls would love getting that for a gift.
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Nars. "Orgasm" is a popular shade.
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I love Stila glosses, which are, of course, available at Sephora.
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I bought a Balmshell brand lipgloss, whimsically named "Who's Your Caddy?" off of the Sephora website. It's lightweight, moisturizing, non-sticky and worth every considerable penny I paid for it. Balmshell has about ten different shades, many of them light and sheer.
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For your future shopping endeavours, the term you need is "packaging whore" - and there's no shame in it!

If it's cute your want, there are nearly limitless options, but generally I don't find the big manufacturers do cute very well. If you're willing to step away from the cosmetics counter, you can get it lusty, frosty, in striped sliders or tubs, on sparkly key chains, with dip sticks, in little pots, and in multi-packs.

If you want to add something fun to your gift, you can also get a stunning mini lip gloss bag or an adorable single holder. So cute!
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I really like my Aromaleigh glosses. Hand-blended in house, they are very slick and shiny without being sticky, and have a light, chocolate orange scent.
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I'm a big fan of Chanel lipgloss. Not too sticky and has great colors.
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I should have mentioned, you can order samples if you like to be certain you're choosing the right shade and formula.
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If this is a lady friend whom you'll be spending a lot of time kissing...I'm not so sure about MAC Lipglass; I love the way it looks and the wonderful colour selection, but I've had a boyfriend or two who's complained about it feeling too tacky/sticky.

I like this Cargo lip gloss.
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NARS Orgasm is one of my favorite shades for daily wear. It's a simple but luscious pink with a mica-gold shimmer.

I get the sense from your question that you're asking regarding a teenager. Check out Sephora's store brands, which come in cool jewel-like palettes or balls called Round-a-Pouts; they're good quality too. (Seems as if you have to pay for quality in lip gloss; ordinary brands vanish almost as soon as they're on.)
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Oh, er, strike the "teenager" part, I missed the words "my lady friend" and saw only "young lady." How embarrassing!
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Response by poster: No you are correct =)
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If you're looking for a range, you're best off going to Sephora and asking someone. The Cargo duos are fabulous. MAC Lipglass has the most staying power, but I know women who don't like how sticky it is. Stila's another favourite of mine as well. The tubes are cute and it strikes a good balance between staying on really well and not being too sticky.
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Response by poster: And thank you all for your suggestions! I don't know anything about lip gloss, your answers helped me alot.
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Ok, here is what I think you should do. Next time you are at your lady friend's place of abode, steal a look at her makeup bag and write down a couple of brands and colors of lipgloss. Bring that, and a photo of your lady friend, to Sephora. Find one of the lovely and helpful Sephora sales associates, and ask for help.

Orgasm by Nars is a safe choice, because it's pretty much universally flattering. But it's also not that exciting. You could probably do something a little brighter and more spring-like, but it's hard to figure out the right brand or color without knowing your lady friend's coloring/ taste.

I like Stila lip glaze, although I've only got one tube of it, because it's a bit tough to justify spending $22 on lip gloss.
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My friends and I all have some Lancome Juicy Tubes. I love them because they taste good make my lips really really really soft. Only trouble is keeping from licking one's lips if it's been a while since the last meal. :D
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I love the Dior Addict lip gloss. It can be found at Sephora and the bottle is quite neat. Dior is quite decadent as well...
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This may seem too "grownup," but it is the best thing ever. It smells yummy, it makes me feel sort of slightly sophisticated because of the branding, and it looks great. Also, you paint it on with a little soft paintbrush.

Seriously the most awesome $40 you will ever spend on lip gloss.
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They are not that expensive, but I find the mark by Avon lip products just lovely- sheer colors, high gloss, not too tacky but also not so thin as to disappear after 10 seconds.
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I am a fan of the Smashbox line, also available at Sephora. They stay on nicely and don't have a taste. I also like Philosophy in 'mauve' but their color selection is limited. Have fun!
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Chanel is the best for color and feel, Lancome Juicy tubes are the best for flavor. I think Lipglass is way too sticky, but these are all personal preferences. Get her one of each and see what she thinks!
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Mac sells a nice giftset of like 7 lipglasses?
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