Lodging and sightseeing in Lexington, Ohio?
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Any recommendations for places to stay and things to do while at the Vintage Motorcycle Days in Mansfield/Lexington, Ohio?

Finally I think I'm going to make it to the AMA's Vintage Motorcycle Days at the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course (Speedway) in Lexington, Ohio.

I'm trying to find a decent place to stay - cheap is good, but not the only consideration. I'd prefer a place close to a non-Cracker Barrel type restaurant, or, even better, a hotel in proximity to several eating/drinking establishments. Best of all, they'd be walking distance (I don't like the beer + motorcycle equation).

I'm also interested in destinations for small day trips - within a couple of hours of Lexington/Mansfield. Preferably on pretty, windy roads - no highways please - my old bike doesn't really get up over 65 mph.

Any other insight on the event/area would be welcome!

Many thanks
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Best answer: I used to stay around there for Porsche events all the time.

For lodging with proximity to food, you have two choices that I know of, both about 30 minutes from the track. First, you could stay at the Holiday Inn in downtown Mansfield, which is the only downtown hotel that is probably mostly devoid of fleas. Mansfield's downtown "nightlife" is a 10 minute walk away, give or take. Every time I have gone back, fewer and fewer of the 100-year-old-decor bar-and-grills are still open. Instead, it seems that much of the city has traded what one might call "character" establishments for the big box homogeneity of the Lexington-Springmill strip (easy to find if you use Kayak or another good site)-- which is where you'll find four or five hotels within walking distance (heh, technically walkable, though not a nice walk) of Applebee's, TGI Friday's, Outback, et cetera.

For day trips, I can't get you to anything more than an hour away or so, but the Mohican State Park/ Malabar Farm/ Hemlock Falls area has some decent sights, and some nice, long, constant-radius sweepers that are fun to drive-- for cars at least.

If you like pizza, though, I'll go on record and claim that Mansfield's Leaning Tower of Pizza makes a top-percentile pie. You won't regret it.
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