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I have about a week or so to find some of this carpet. Yep, it is that stuff that's everywhere. You probably even have 3 rolls of it under your house as we speak. It's almost safe to say, at some point, you really did have like 3 rolls of it - what did you do with them?!! Where should I inquire about getting a scrap of it?? (30cm/12inch -sq.) Demolition.. people? The dump? Is there like an Elephants Graveyard but for carpet?? Also.. I need a hand with repairing melamine/laminex?? ( Bathroom vanity and a cupboard). And (omg!) this blind ( /s)...

It's about 10x4 inches of absolute scorched earth toast and it's pretty much dead center of the room. (There were factors. We were all involved.. except for any cats at all though, which was a nice change.)

There is nothing to work with here, though if I can find something that's close enough, I'll definitely be able to do something with that.
Where/who should I be asking (Brisbane, QLD)
and/or does anybody happen to know what that carpet is called??

*For the cupboard I was thinking super-glue, vice grips and some white tape? Would there be a better way?
*The vanity... Get it back to white and then sculpt new edges using.. *something that dries white and hard*.
What would this product be??

(I will run it by SO but I'd like to open the topic with the answers.)
So again - any better ideas would be tremendous!!

*And the blinds... my god. The cats (they're always doin' somethin') - aren't on the lease so I am being ultra anal about leaving no trace of them. Hairy blinds were at the top of my cat related concerns list. (Now it's on a different list... grrr!)
I didn't use anything harsh on them but I sure was horrified when they dried.
The filth that came off them was brown/red/yellow... not at all blue related. I did use a little bio-zet because it's neat on colours so it's possible that the sun bleached bit... but shit!! These are the blinds from the room beside it. Yeah.. O-M-G!!

I also washed a pale, creamy coloured one the same way after (but with much more opportunity for disasters!!) and it's come up freakin' fantastic. But, of course, the remaining four are blue.
What can I do?? (..paint?? It'll be possible but not without both much tedium AND suspense.) Ugh!! I'm just trying to get my bond back!

*There are also yellow marks from a table on the vinyl floor. (I think it's vinyl?) It's stained like rust would, only it's yellow and has so far withstood various application methods and combinations of -
Gumption, Domestos, Bi-Carb (/+vinegar), toothpaste, sugarsoap, morning fresh, bio-zet, napisan, CD scratch repair, magic eraser, a whisper of nail polish remover (that seemed effective yet I got it off quick-smart and I'm hesitant to try it again). Oh and diluted degreaser stuff SO had.
So what can I try now?
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You have your flickr stuff set to private; I can't see it.
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Easiest way to match that carpet: remove some from another area that is less visible, inside a closet, for example. Replace the closet carpet with something else.

Also, it's called "cut and loop" or "sculptured."
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For the blinds, stop trying to clean them and just buy a replacement. If you luck out you won't even have to remount the top piece, you can just put the new slats on. Measure one of the good slats and the width of the window just to be sure. They tend to come in standard sizes. At least in the US you can get them at any big retail store.
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Spot replacement of carpet basically doesn't work. Carpet has a warp and weft to it that doesn't survive cutting and patching. Unless you replace the entire room, you're losing your bond. Replacing the entire room is probably cheaper than you think.

As for the floor, nail polish remover sounds OK. Floors have to withstand a lot of stuff—a common household chemical won't hurt it.
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I think you're going to lose your security deposit, no matter what. I agree that spot replacement of carpeting is a desperate measure, and will likely be noticed during your outgoing rental unit inspection.
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