Yo Mama is an infamous object of ridicule and inspires paeans to her inimitable fail.
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"Your mother is a whore" mixtape suggestions?

Just listening again to A Cautionary Song, by the Decemberists, and pondering how fun it would be to give a mix where every song is just about how much "Yo Momma" is a filthy slattern, to' up ho, etc.
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This previous question might be helpful.
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Stacey's Mom?(YT link)
Not exactly "filthy slattern", but certainly a prelude piece.
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It's not something I exactly enjoy listening to, but Eminem's Mom nails the theme.
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Oh! This one's more fun: Juvenile's "Mama Got Ass" (youtube, lyrics).
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My Baby Daddy by B Rock & The Bizz?
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Yo Mama by the Pharcyde
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K-Solo - Your Mom's In My Business
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band - Mother
Loggins & Messina - Your Mama Don't Dance
Spin Doctors - Yo Mama's a Pajama

Also, doing a song search at allmusic for words like 'mama' and 'mother' would probably be rewarding.
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This would get some answers at tinymixtapes.com (tinymixtape singular?).
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Tangentenially related:

Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
Tool - Hooker With a Penis

Just based on what I know about yo momma.
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You know that song from South Park The Movie, right? (However, it is about Kyle's mom in particular.)
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Also, "Kyle's Mom Is a Bitch" from South Park (by Cartman, also a Kid Rock and Joe C version).

(on preview, what salvia's talking about.)
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Just to mix it up a little, there's a Pixies parody by Chris Morris which starts off My mother is a whore, let me tell you more...
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Mojo Nixon, Tie My Pecker To My Leg. It's not just a mother, it's a whole family.
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I have the winner right here: Goldie Lookin Chain - Your Mothers Got A Penis. Please ignore the terrible youtube, GLC has nothing to do with it. The album version is better too. Safe as fuck.
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Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 - Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell
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"Thinkin' Bout Your Mother" by The Freewheelers seems to obliquely touch on the issue of your mother and how she might comport herself.

Tori Amos's "Playboy Mommy" is, uh, well it's tough to tell what Tori's songs are about sometimes. It seems partially autobiographical, so I feel a bit bad putting it on the list, but the title kind of suggests its inclusion.

"That Was Your Mother" by Paul Simon seems too sweet to fit on the list, but it is about hooking up with your mother in a bar.

"Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters may or may not be about a literal mother, but it does involve her getting jacked up on cheap champagne.

Paul and Storm have a very funny song called "Mother's Day Song" that might work for your purposes.

Finally, "Fancy" by Bobbie Gentry is about a mother who teaches her child to be a whore of some variety. That's kind of a reverse, but it involves mothers and sex, so there you go.
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Yo Momma's on Crack Rock
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This might round it out. Get the studio version though.
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Of course you know this one, AV, but just as a reminder and for posterity, no mix about your mother would be complete without The Dogs' "Yo Mama's on Crack Rock," which details her experiences as a crack whore in the 1980's.
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damn you cashman
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lyrics born's "i'm just raw" has a great extended riff on the "i fucked your mom" trope which includes the lines "always wants to meet on her coffee breaks/she bought me seats to bonnie raitt" and "shut your trap and get back in the backseat of the camry"
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Guttermouth - Mom

Though it's not about "yo momma" so much as it is about "his momma."
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It is not about yo mama, and we're talking about drug use rather than sluttiness, but I would be remiss is I did not mention "My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks" by Wesley Willis.
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Squeezebox - The Who
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Response by poster: I should clarify that I'm not only interested in the minstrelsy of Yo Mama's sex-sodden travails, but any songs about her fat, stupid, broke ass, too.
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As an interstitial, use the bit from SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy where Sean Connery asks Alex Trebek: "What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold? One's a sick duck and I can't remember how it ends, but your mother's a whore." It's the one with fake Robin Williams and fake Lucy Liu. You can definitely find the MP3s.
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Dolly Parton's "Traveling Man" is about her mama running off with Dolly's boyfriend ...
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the first song that plays [warning! song plays right away!]
is called 'yo mama'
it tells about how yo mama's on the top of [my] things to do list.

I see you in your office
Sending and receiving checks
But I know the quest for money
Comes from a quest for sex
So I cut to the chase
And forgot about my job
And decided to stay home wit yo mama on my knob

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Technically, I guess he's talking about the father, so maybe a bit of a stretch, but you could consider "Nimrod's Son" by the Pixies:

...You are the son of a motherfucker
...You are the son of incestuous union
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Ooh, definitely NOFX's "Talking 'Bout Yo' Momma", from the second disc of their 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough to Go on Our Other Records album. It's basically 32 seconds of wonderful:

she's a whore bitch, gutter slut/ likes to shove me up her butt/ drives a pickle, wearing combat boots/ while farting, she'll pick me up and give me a ride and drop me in front of the show/ oh no, talking 'bout yo mom!
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It is a bit graphic, but Bootleg (member of the Dayton Family) has a song called Mama that would work if you don't mind throwing some gangsta rap on the mixtape. I'd recommend reading the lyrics before you try to download the track.
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You could rip Natalie Portman's favorite curse word and have that be track one.
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There's a song by The Frogs called "Grandma Sitting in a Corner With a Penis in Her Hand Going No no no no no"
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