Best planning/checklist software for moving?
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Has anyone used an automated tool for moving (to a new house) - for example, like the Move Planner at Your experience?

What I'd really like to do is get a package like TurboTax, but for moving. But my impression is that there is no one out there selling that. So should I buy just a book (and which one)? And does anyone besides offer an automated (apparently) way to notify a bunch of magazine publishers that you have moved or are about to move? (I'd rather not fill out all those little cards that the USPS offers - or used to offer, and cut labels off magazines.)

Here are the on-line tools I've found:

* Move Planner at

* Personal Move Planner at

* Moving Checklist Generator at

And a free address changer from, which I've not explored. Is it better/worse/different than the USPS online process?

(P.S. - if this seems like deja vu all over again, it is - I posted the same question in February 2006, the last time I moved. With all the same links. I'm hoping the world has changed a bit.)
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