To The Pain: Megaman Anniversary Collection button controls
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I am playing the Megaman Anniversary Collection on the Wii (via the gamecube disc), and it sucks because the buttons are backwards. The game was apparently built this way. It sucks.

The button you usually push to jump, fires. The button you usually push to fire, jumps. Instead of romping through the worlds like a badass, I feel like a disoriented senior citizen flailing around with oven mitts on.

I tried to "get used to it" and I can't. Is there anything I can do? Rewire the gamecube controller? Sell the collection back and buy some other version? Hack an extra wiimote so it works with gamecube games? What? I want to be here, so bad.
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I don't know if this is an option for you, but the PS2 version had the buttons in the proper configuration. The downside is that there is reportedly a tiny bit of lag in the response time on the PS2.

I've played neither version, so the lag thing is hearsay.
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I haven't gotten around to sitting down and playing it yet, but I'll boot it up later in your honor. I've never played the original versions of any of the megaman titles, so I didn't have this problem. There's no way to remap ingame that I know of. Reading around, it looks like a lot of people had this problem with the GCN version.

Furthermore, reading around in the depths of Wii homebrew, it looks like it's impossible to access things like the wiimote controls and the sd card when running a Gamecube game. I'd say if you really really want to play it on your Wii explore the homebrew NES/SNES emulators here. Otherwise, I can't see a solution.
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I had the exact same problem. Long story short, I "returned" it and got the ps2 version - the buttons were in the correct order and it was a thing of beauty. I haven't noticed any substantial lag, but then again, I am not really interested in MM7.

I haven't tried these, but a company called Retrozone sells this product, and, apparently, you can use it to plug in an SNES or NES controller and play both Virtual Console and normal Gamecube games. Don't know if that would solve the problem or not, but it's worth considering.
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Response by poster: I don't have a ps2, so those options are out, but thanks. I'll look into the retrozone option - maybe I can find somewhere to buy an old nes controller. I'm probably going to steer clear of homebrew for the moment.
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You could buy this controller, which has mappable buttons. I haven't used it myself, so I can't vouch for how good it works, but the mappable buttons option should solve your issues.
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Yeah, the PS2 and Xbox (1) versions are both pretty much perfect, control-wise, and the Xbox version has the extra material from both the PS2 and GCN versions.
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How much is a gamecube controller nowadays? 5 dollars used? Free?

Get one, crack it open and swap the leads to the two buttons. May require some very simple soldering. There is a similiar project here. Doesnt look that tough.
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This guy has instructions for how to use NES, SNES, and N64 pads with your GameCube/Wii. He also sells preconverted controllers.
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God, yes, I had the same problem you did with the Gamecube version of MM:AC. I have a Hori Digital Pad that I used, and it helped, but still not perfect.
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