Bialetti gasket removal woes
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Need help removing my beloved Bialetti's gasket that is stuck.

Triggered by a recent question to replace a gasket on a Bialetti Moka Express, I started to remove mine. Well, I guess after a few years of use and no replacement* I can't fully remove it. What's left after cutting, soaking in hot water, and soaking in HOT soapy water, are little pieces of gasket stuck to the sides that I've been slowly removing via needle-nose pliers. They appear to be glued to the metal sides.

Is there a better way to remove the gasket that doesn't involve hours of pulling off stuck pieces or using industrial-grade chemicals that I apply with latex gloves? This was a gift to me from Mrs. Writer before she was a Mrs., so I'd like to avoid a total replacement.

(* Shame on me...yes, I know.)
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Steel wool, the thickest grade (try the hardware store). Sandblaster - seriously, if you have access to one. I don't remember any adhesive on mine, but over time the gasket did kind of melt/mush into place.
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You might try dental tools and patience, or as a last resort, soaking the gasket in a mild, household-strength, relatively non-toxic latex solvent (toxicity relative to organic solvents).
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did you try--carefully-- cutting with an x-acto knife or similar razor sharp blade?

sandpaper? a file?
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Response by poster: At this point, what I can remove comes from me using needle-nose pliers after some scoring with a VERY sharp utility knife. Maybe the X-acto will be easier to wield.

But I welcome any other ideas, tools and techniques. This Bialetti has a lot of sentimental value.
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Goo Gone?
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