facebook privacy setting wierdness
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Is anybody else experiencing privacy setting wierdness on facebook today, or have I broken my internets?

Since facebook added more privacy options, I've been a bit more 'add happy' of late.

I notice today though that all custom options of who can and can't view different sections of my profile in the 'privacy' settings have disappeared, and all sections are defaulting to 'all friends'.

IIRC when facebook implemented the recent changes to privacy settings linked above, the old 'limited profile' became a friend list called limited profile, which was automatically set to hide the same parts of your profile as it had done before. However no friend list will now save in the 'exceptions' field of customized settings.

I've tried re-applying the 'limited profile' list to the sections I don't want that list to see, but the settings just won't stick. Also a duplicate (empty) friend list called limited profile keeps appearing, despite repeated deletion.

So what the f-bomb is going on? Have I done something to break teh facebooks or am I not alone?
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I don't know what's happening but a few of my friends have reported the same thing so I guess you aren't alone... I think it's a bug rather than something you've done, sorry I can't be more help.

(What, am I the only one who'll admit to using FacebooK?!)
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The same general thing has happened to me. My guess is that Facebook, in dumbing down their privacy settings, has made it more difficult for you to actually make things private. I further surmise that this is not entirely unintentional.
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Looks like some of it has been fixed (at least in terms of the settings, maybe not the creepy Facebook stalking / sturking )

I can now get my settings to work properly.
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