Can anyone recommend a to do list or shopping list application for my Nokia N95 cellphone?
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I have a Nokia N95 and wondered if anyone could recommend any cellphone Java apps or Symbian S60 series 3 apps that would provide to do list / shopping list functionality to my phone.

I use on my PC but I need something when I'm out and about and cellphone web access doesn't really come cheap in the UK so I've ruled out the mobile version of RTM.

The built in todo list on the Nokia calendar app is awful. I'm currently using a java program called Odysseus for the shopping list but it too is pretty frustrating to use... and I'm currently using the standard Nokia notes application to keep todos in a text file on the phone but again - far from satisfactory.

My google-fu isn't really helping me locate a decent (preferablt free) alternative - anyone have tried and tested suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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There is really only one that I've been able to find - Projekt. But what really needs to hapen, is that some needs to port JOE to java mobile.
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good place for phone stuff is hofo
posted by dawdle at 8:41 AM on April 2, 2008 lists celphone apps by model, and allows searches sorted by user ratings. They seem to like Odysseus.
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I use SmartShopper. It's a bit of a pain to set it up at first and enter each item, but it's easy to make subsequent lists with items you've already added. I wouldn't use it as a to-do, but if you have repeating items, it'd be good for that, too.
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Response by poster: Actually, an update... I've now come to really like Odysseus... it's not intuitive but once you work out how it works it does work a charm....
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