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Netflix used to have a page that listed all of the new videos that were coming out that week in all categories. Sadly, that page seems to be no more. What is a good online replacement, a site that lists what new items are coming out on DVD that week, particularly in the foreign film and documentary categories?
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I asked the same question before
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Best answer: It's still there, but hidden.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU i eat tapas. YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!
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Just as an additional source, Hacking Netflix lists each week's new releases as well each Tuesday. Here's there list from today:
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Video ETA
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I EAT TAPAS, you are also MY new hero!
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I'm in for thirding I EAT TAPAS as my hero of the day! I have been meaning to write Netflix and tell them I hate their new design, but haven't gotten around to it.
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