How can Paypal confirm my postal address without a credit card?
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How can Paypal confirm my postal address without a credit card? I've got a Paypal "premier" account with an unverified postal address. (I'm in the UK.)

I have no credit or debit card, so their preferred method of address confirmation isn't available. Surely there's another way...?
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They can phone a UK landline least that's an option they used to offer.
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Also, FWIW Paypal have started protecting sellers from unverified address buyers as well as verified buyers, so address verification should become less of a pressing issue if you are just looking to buy things.
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At least in the US, when I recently had to verify my address and could not do so via phone because I don't have a land line, they were able to mail a letter to my house with a PIN that I then had to go online and enter. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly where I found that option and the verification menu doesn't seem to be open to me anymore now that I'm all verified. But maybe you could poke around the UK site and see if that's an option for you.
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Response by poster: Phone a landline number, or send me a PIN in the mail both sound like great ideas. But how do I persuade them to do it? "Credit card" is the only option their Byzantine web-site is giving me.
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