The case of the missing mustache
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Where did Alex Trabek's mustache go?

I was watching Jeopardy! tonight and remarked on how ridiculous his new mustache looked when, after a commercial break, it disappeared! What could have possible happened? Here's some photo evidence:

Alex with mustache

Alex without mustache

Keep in mind: same episode. WTF?
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Did you miss the beginning? Maybe it was a joke he mentioned earlier.
posted by Corduroy at 3:36 PM on April 1, 2008

Best answer: It was most likely an April Fool's joke. Apparently, the Jeopardy! website posted a picture of Alex with a moustache earlier today. This seems like part of the ruse.
posted by cmgonzalez at 3:36 PM on April 1, 2008

Seeing as it is April Fools....
posted by Corduroy at 3:36 PM on April 1, 2008

Yep, he has a mustache on the front page, even though he hasn't actually had one in years.
posted by cmgonzalez at 3:37 PM on April 1, 2008

Just in case you decide to search online for info, his last name is spelled Trebek.

As for an answer, maybe they pieced the show together from footage shot over two days and the forgot that he had shaved?
posted by amyms at 3:38 PM on April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools!
posted by meerkatty at 3:43 PM on April 1, 2008

Response by poster: Alex, that sly devil.
posted by wordsmith at 3:45 PM on April 1, 2008

Subtler than Pat Sajak.
posted by holgate at 4:53 PM on April 1, 2008

you phrased it in the form of a question. Alex would be proud! :)
posted by kuppajava at 10:08 AM on April 2, 2008

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