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You know those three-wheeled scooter trucks that the NYPD uses? What are they called, where can I buy one and how much do they cost? I've seen several stripped of their livery and apparently in civilian use in Brooklyn. Do they get sold at surplus auctions?
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Best answer: My default assumption is that they're some model of Cushman. You see these a lot around golf courses, in my experience. They're a trip to drive at breakneck speed down a winding an hilly cart path. I also found this site, which I thought was pretty interesting.

The NYPD model may be something completely different, but not too different.
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Yeah I thought they were Cushmans too. They made a very similar vehicle when I was a kid that the code enforcement guy drove around on. But I don't see that model on the Cushman site, which is kind of odd. I'm almost positive it's a Cushman.
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Roxie drove one in "Dead Like Me," so if the producers of that TV show got one, it can't be impossible for you to do the same.
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If you have a hard time finding the vehicle in question, you might try looking for a Honda Gyro Canopy, also on Flickr, which is similar to what you are looking for.
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Best answer: There's also the Bajaj 3-Wheeler; some guy drives one of these around my neighborhood here in San Francisco. It's pretty sweet.
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Response by poster: Oh man, zamboni, that article sure has my number
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Vespa Ape, too (which is the same as the Bajaj, since Bajaj bought all of the old Vespa molds and factories in the 1970s. So yeah, there are a few Apes around here. People in the know call them "a-peh" not "ape" (like a gorilla). Probably can be had for $1700-$2200 depending on condition. That's for unrestored, not a restored one.
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zamboni has a good article there - Gregory quoted in the piece has the "coolest" of the customized scooters. His $3,000 soundsystem had a neat pneumatic lift to open up rear for a mobile soundsytem - bitchin'.

from the nypd auction website - the next auctions are coming up soon.

Public Auction #1129 of Unclaimed Property
Inspection Day - 04/07/2008 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Inspect: Salvage Vehicles, Automobiles, Trucks & Vans at the College Point Auto Pound, located at 129-05 31st Avenue, at the corner of Linden and Ulmer Streets, off of the Whitestone Expressway, in College Point, Queens

Sell Day - 04/08/2008 (see below for details)
Additional Salvage Vehicles
Automobiles, Trucks & Vans At the Erie Basin Auto Pound Inspection Area, 700 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. (At the South Foot/Dead End of Columbia Street, in Redhook)

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