NYC upholsterers, pimp my yard sale sofa!
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Help me find a good upholsterer in NYC, preferably Brooklyn

I found a great couch at a yard sale and planned to reupholster it myself but 2 years later it's still sitting in my living room, spitting out its insides, so I am prepared to pay someone to do it. The springs will need to be retied, and it probably needs new stuffing and a new cushion. There may also be some woodwork to fix. I have my fabric picked out so now I just need someone who does good quality work.

Do you have recommendations for a place (preferably in Brooklyn) that does good work of this sort?
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My next-door neighbor is an amazing upholsterer, does great work on all sorts of furniture, including some beautiful antiques at my landlady's business. I don't know what his rates are or whether he's taking on work right now, but I can talk to him this evening and see what's the deal.

Email's in the profile; I'm located in Long Island City, just over the Pulaski Bridge from Brooklyn (McGuinness Blvd). I think the guy's workshop is in the neighborhood.
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