Recommend a postal scale?
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Have a recommendation for a postal scale?

Thanks to a book swap site, I've been shipping a bunch of small packages. Waiting in line at the Post Office has gotten old. I need a postal scale, but the prices vary a huge degree, as do the on-line user recommendations (even for the same model.) And so I turn to you, dear MeFites: do you have a model to recommend?

Probably 98% of what I'd want from it is 5 lbs. (2.3k) or less, but a larger range would be nice if the price difference were small. And accuracy to within .5 oz (15g) sounds adequate.
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Oh, and I should have mentioned: I'm not interested in a spring-based mechanical scale. I was thinking digital, but I'd be fine with a balance scale if it's economical.
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I have this digital kitchen scale that is great for cooking but also useful for weighing packages and letters. It has an 11-lb capacity and can measure in 1/8 ounce or 1-gram increments.
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The Escali Primo is what I use for kitchen and postal stuff, and it should cover your needs, unless you're wanting something with an integrated postage label printer.
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If you are using a PC, it may be worth trying out The have a promotional offer for a free scale with a new account. Just be sure to cancel if you no longer wish to use their service as there is a monthly fee. I got my scale several years ago and continue to use it today.

Check out RetailMeNot for some promo codes.
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Thanks, but I'm a Linux user, and my use isn't going to high enough to make a monthly fee attractive.
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What's wrong with a spring scale?

Personally, I've found that a hanging spring scale has been very helpful. Just put the package in a grocery bag..
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I got one on ebay for our store. Let me see if I can find it: scale.

You don't need 76lbs of capacity, BUT this thing's sweet. It's got .2 oz definition and the top pops up to hold tubes, etc. Also, it's got hold and tare, batteries and AC. It's sweet.
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FWIW, I bought one on eBay, specifically to use for selling things on eBay. It's not great, to say the least, and accuracy isn't its strong point. I'd steer clear, if I were you.
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