What rights do you give up when you podcast your own short story or novel?
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From what I've been hearing, most publishers would possibly no longer be interested in a piece that had already been podcast, but would like to know what specific rights are lost.

I understand, as per here, that releasing a series of stories, or a novel, (either chapter by chapter, or all at once) on a blog or website, even my own site, means that First Electronic Rights have been used, but First Print Rights are still available. Is this correct?

if so - heck, even if not so - what does podcasting stories do?
Does that mean they're not "unpublished" - but does podcasting use up the subsidiary rights? audio rights? or is that something different? any thoughts at all are greatly appreciated!
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I'm sure there's a word for it, but the idea is that a publisher wants to be the first entity to publish a work because that gives them the most opportunity for sales.
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Best answer: In effect, you have made an audio book. Print and audio are different, but often the print comes before the audio. It's up to the publisher if they feel the book is good enough to print. They may ask for audio book rights nor not, but you are obligated to tell them it has been published as an audio book already.

More here.

You can also contact these folk and ask to speak to a contract specialist.

Also do not sign any publishing contracts without an attorney advising you, as you can keep movie rights and many others in reserve if you want.
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It's sort of a Catch-22: in order to get known (in part because traditional publishers have no desire to print "unknowns") you self-publish, bypassing all the gatekeepers. Yet, when you do, they're leery about works that have already been published.
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Response by poster: many thanks - not about to do anything yet, but figured it was time to get my ducks in a row
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